Mersey Tunnel Tours - Liverpool

Mersey Tunnel Tours - Liverpool

The Tunnel Tour

A fascinating and entertaining tour which takes visitors into the normally unseen world beneath the Mersey and the 1930's technology which keeps the tunnel vented.

There are actually two tunnels under the Mersey. The tour will inform you of both but focuses mainly on the Queensway tunnel which connects Liverpool with Birkenhead.

This tour is interesting for the curious tourist on so many levels. It's got history, royal cermonies, engineering, old and new technology, huge electric motors and fans, views of the road deck, ventilation shafts and refuge rooms.

The George's Dock Building

The starting point for the tour is the George's Dock Building. It is a 1930's Art Deco style building which is located on the landward side of the Mersy Docks and Harbour Office building, and south of the Cunard Building and Royal Liver Building. You can't miss the huge tower with stone carvings done in an Egyptian style.

Internally, the ornate Art-Deco style is continued. Look out for the patterns on the stair case balustrade and in the plasterwork of the ceilings. The wall lights in the original control room also date from the 1930's.

Many people pass by this building as they walk along The Strand and don't know what it is. The huge tower is actually a ventilation shaft, one of several which you'll learn about when you take the tour.

The Guides

The guides are very engaging, informative and are just brilliant at the witty one-liners, banter with the visitors, and getting the interesting details across in a very entertaining way that everyone will enjoy.

Good to Know

The tour involves many steps up (to the original control room) and down to the refuge rooms below the road deck. Appropriate footwear should be worn. A lift/elevator can be taken by those who may need it. It covers some, but not all of the steps which the tour climbs/descends.

The tour does go into certain industrial/work areas which may cause outer clothing to become slightly dirty if walls etc. are brushed against. The underground areas can also be somewhat cold, so suitable clothing should be worn.

Tour Times and Duration

The tour is only offered on certain days and at particular times. You must book your tour in advance. Click the "More info" button for details.

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours. It really is great value for money, and can claim to be Liverpool's hidden gem.


Children under 10 years of age are not permitted on the tour.

Curious Questions

  • When was the QueenswayTunnel opened?
  • Who performed the official opening?
  • The other Mersey tunnel is the Kingsway. Who opened it?
  • How many men died during the construction process?
  • Why does the ventilation system appear to be over-engineered?
  • The road deck runs in the top half of the tunnel. What is the bottom half used for?
  • What's it like to feel the air rushing past you when they turn on the fans?
  • How was the experience of standing at the edge of the tunnel's road deck as the traffic whizzes by in front of you?
George's Dock Building, George's Dock Way, Pier Head, Liverpool, L3 1DD, United Kingdom
£6.00 There may be other price categories (possibly higher or lower) available. Click the 'More Info' button for details.