Factory tours in Northern Ireland

Are you curious to know how things are made? Do you ever look at products and ask "How do they do that?" or wonder at how complex items are shaped, positioned, connected and processed consistently and at production-line speed? Perhaps you agree with an uncle of mine who said:

I love work. I could watch it all day long!

If work and production fascinates you, then why not take a factory tour and discover how some amazing products are produced. When you have some free time or are visiting or holidaying in a different city or country, you could include a factory tour in your itinerary and make your visit even more memorable.

Visitors should keep in mind that factories are working, production facilities, and certain areas may be shut down for maintainance and repair at the time of their visit. Visitors should also generally not wear open footwear (e.g. sandles or shoes exposing part of the feet). This is for safety reasons. Some factory tours will not admit visitors wearing inappropriate footwear. Some factory tours are not suitable for babies, buggies, young children or for people with mobilitiy difficulties. Check each tour to determine what restrictions apply before booking.

  • Old Bushmills Distillery

    Old Bushmills Distillery

    A must-see for the whiskey connoisseur or anyone interested in the process of whiskey distilling. This old distillery has been in operation for over 400 years. Guided tours are given.
  • Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen Factory Tour

    Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen Factory Tour

    At the Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen Factory, visitors can see the world famous Irish Linen products at various stages of production, from design, to weaving, cutting, hemming and ornamenting. Watch the amazing machines at work as the intricate patterns are woven into the cloth.
  • Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory Tour

    Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory Tour

    The story of this sweet factory goes back to 1953 when Aunt Sandra stared making homemade candy. Now it is a busy factory and this tour shows you how it makes its wide selection of sweets. Discover the candy-making experience, and make some candy floss or chocolate-coat some marsh mallows.
  • Belleek Pottery Factory Tour

    Belleek Pottery Factory Tour

    Visitors have been coming to Belleek Pottery since 1857 to view the fine crafts…
  • Tayto NI Crisps & Snacks Factory Tour

    Tayto NI Crisps & Snacks Factory Tour

    Come and see how Tayto Northern Ireland's factory produces its famous crisps an…