Sightseeing tours in Northern Ireland

  • Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory Tour

    Aunt Sandra's Candy Factory Tour

    The story of this sweet factory goes back to 1953 when Aunt Sandra stared making homemade candy. Now it is a busy factory and this tour shows you how it makes its wide selection of sweets. Discover the candy-making experience, and make some candy floss or chocolate-coat some marsh mallows.
  • Belfast City Bike Tour

    Belfast City Bike Tour

    A bike tour is a great way to discover a city. See the sights without being stuck in traffic, and go places where cars and coaches can't. Using easy-to-cycle California Cruiser bicycles, you will be guided around in a laid back and fun way. It's a great way to begin your stay and get orientated if you don't know the city.
  • Derry City Tours

    Derry City Tours

    The Derry City Walking Tour provided by City Tours is an award winning tour of the city of Derry. It does not shirk from the sometimes difficult and bloody history, as it takes visitors around the main tourist attractions and puts the various scenes, murals etc. into context.