Irish Whiskey Museum

Irish Whiskey Museum

The story of whiskey goes back many generations, and this unique museum tells the story of Irish Whiskey. The Gaelic name for it is "Uisce Beatha", meaning "Water of Life" which is testament to its reviving properties (when taken in small measure!).

This museum is independently owned, not by a distillery, and so it can tell the story without the blinkers of a particular brand of whiskey. It can take a wider view of the history and evolution of whiskey distilling in Ireland - its rise, its fall, and the recent revival with new distillers and new brands coming to the market.

The tour is entertaining and informative and ends with the tasting of several brands of Ireland's finest whiskeys.

The Irish Whiskey Museum is located at the end of Grafton Street opposite the front of Trinity College.

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119 Grafton Street, Dublin 2, Ireland
+353 1 525 0970
€16.00 There may be other price categories (possibly higher or lower) available. Click the 'More Info' button for details.