Richmond Barracks

Richmond Barracks

Richmond Barracks is where the front-line Irish rebel fighters of the Easter 1916 Rising were initially taken after their surrender.

It was built in 1810 to counter a possible invasion by the French during the Napoleonic Wars, and many British Army Regiments did at tour of duty here.

In the immediate aftermath of the 1916 Rising, over 3,000 suspected rebels were held here. Their leaders were picked out, court martialed and sentenced to death by firing squad. 90 death sentences were handed out in the first two weeks of May 1916, 14 of which were carried out in Kilmainham Jail. Others were sent to various other prisons in England and Wales.

Are you curious about how these 1916 Rising fighters were treated while here? The leaders knew that they faced a certain death sentence. Come visit and hear their stories.

Among those detained at Richmond Barracks were: Michael Collins, Eamon De Valera, Arthur Griffith and William T. Cosgrave.

Following the visit of the British Prime Minister, Herbert Asquith, to Richmond Barracks on the 14th May 1916, a stay of executions was ordered, and sentences were commuted to several years in prison.

Richmond Barracks is currently undergoing restoration work and is expected to open in June 2016. Click the map pin icon to view the location on a map.

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