Culture Night 2015

This year, 2015, Culture Night takes place on Friday 18th September. It is a nationwide event in Ireland which celebrates all aspects of Irish culture from the arts, creativity, design, craft, history, history and sport. Many cultural institutions including museums, theatres, galleries and studios throughout the country open their doors to the public with admission being free of charge.

In many cases collections or areas which are normally off-limits are also opened for the occasion, with numerous workshops also arranged.

The purpose of the Culture Night Celebration is to encourge people to experience culture in their local area or nearby towns and cities. It also raises the profile of cultural centres and resources and encourages people to get involved with or engaged in their culture.

Many people, groups, clubs, organisations, schools, colleges, universities, public bodies, state agencies, local authorities and government departments are behind Culture Night and their involvement, expertise and generousity is what enables it to happen.
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The World’s Friendliest City

While some holiday destinations can rely on their good-weather climate & dependable sunshine to draw in the tourists, one of the decisive factors in whether a holiday will be enjoyable and relaxing is the attitude of the people that are met by the holiday-makers. All it takes is rudeness or unhelpfulness from staff in a resort, hotel, restaurant or tourist attraction to spoil part of a holiday.

This could be a reason why Travel + Leisure have an award for the world’s friendliest city. The readers of Travel + Leisure voted for their friendlist city and when the results were counted, the winner for 2015 was:


Galway is located on the West coast of Ireland, with the wild Atlantic ocean at its door and beautiful coastal scenery all around. The reasons why Galway came out on top is down to many factors, including the natural friendliness of the people, their welcoming nature, and their love of music. Everywhere you go in Galway, you’ll find music and dance. In the pubs and on the streets there are musicians playing banjos, guitars, flutes, whistles etc. Songs and ballad sessions are also very popular in the evening.

Why not visit Galway on your next vacation? To help you research your trip, visit Things to do in Galway, if curious!