Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour with Original Berlin Walks

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour with Original Berlin Walks
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour with Original Berlin Walks

This tour is for the curious, but not for the faint hearted. Tens of thousands of people perished in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp during the Nazi era. People were treated brutally, inhumanely and murdered on this site. More people suffered here post World War II under the Soviet regime.


This camp was built in 1936, shortly after Reichsf├╝hrer-SS Heinrich Himler was appointed as Chief of the German Police. It was used as a training ground for the Nazi SS and as the headquarters of and model for the whole concentration camp system.

The SS imprisoned over 200,000 prisoners in Sachsenhausen Concentraion Camp between 1936 and 1945. At first the prisoners were political opponents to the Nazis (National Socialist Party), but soon the numbers swelled as those defined by the National Socialists as racially or biologically inferior were imprisoned here also. After the start of the war, people from occupied countries of Europe were also transferred here.

Prisoners in Sachsenhausen were subject to harsh and unbelieveably brutal treatment by the SS. They were tortured, forced to perform hard labour — the shoe-testing track and what happed there is particularly shocking. Tens of thousands of prisoners died of starvation, disease, maltreatment, exhaustion from the hard labour, or were systematically murdered.

As the allied forces closed in on Berlin in the final weeks of the war, the prisoners were evacuated from Sachsenhausen. They were forced to walk on, what has become known as the "death march" from the camp. 3,000 prisoners, too sick or weak to walk were left behind and were liberated by Russian troops. Over 33,000 prisoners including women and children were forced to walk between 20 and 40km per day in cold, wet weather and without food. The guards shot those who were lagging behind or who tried to find food or escape. The number of prisoners who died or were killed on this march is not known precisely, but it is in the thousands.


After the war, the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was under the control of the Soviet Secret Service and was used to hold men and women sentenced by Soviet military tribunals as well as people arbitrarily arrested or who were politically undesirable. During this period, 60,000 people were imprisoned here, of which 12,000 died of malnutrition and disease.

Location & Tour Details

The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and memorial is located about 38km (24 miles) north of Berlin. The Geo coordinates are 52.7671494,13.2624357.

This tour takes approximately 6 hours including travel. From the meeting point, your guide will take you to the train station and you will travel to Oranienburg where the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and memorial museum is located.

You have a choice of meeting points for this tour:

At the main entrance to the S-Bahn station Zoologischer Garten, Hardenbergplatz 5. Geo coordinates: 52.507458, 13.333034. Access via:
  • S-Bahn: S5, S7, S75 (Zoologischer Garten)
  • U-Bahn: U2, U9 (Zoologischer Garten)
  • Bus: X9, 100, 200
Outside Weihenstephaner restaurant, opposite Hackescher Markt S-Bahn station, Neue Promenade 5. Geo coordinates: 52.52301, 13.401557. Access via:< br/>
  • S-Bahn: S5, S7, S75 (Hackescher Markt)
  • Tram: M1, M4, M5, M6, 12

The tour price does not include transport costs. If you have a valid rail pass, bring it with you, or you can buy a train ticket (Zones ABC) from the guide.


It is not possible to buy food or refreshments at the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp memorial. You are advised to bring some food and drink with you.

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Meet at main entrance to S-Bahn station Zoologischer Garten, Hardenbergplatz 5, Berlin, 10623, Germany
+49 30 301 9194
€15.00 There may be other price categories (possibly higher or lower) available. Click the 'More Info' button for details.