Transport in Berlin

Berlin, although a large, capital city, is very easy to get around.

For many visitors to Berlin, the mass-transit rail system is the most convenient way to get around. This system comrises the S-Bahn and the U-Bahn. In addition, there is the Metro (light rail street-car system) and also buses and taxis.


The S-Bahn is the rail network that connects outer-Berlin, suburban areas with the city centre.


The U-Bahn is Berlin's Underground rail system. In Berlin city centre you are never more than a few minutes' walk from a U-Bahn station.

Video: How to use Berlin Public Transport

  • Berlin S-Bahn

    Berlin S-Bahn

    The S-Bahn is Berlin's rapid transit rail network linking the suburbs and the city centre.
  • Berlin U-Bahn

    Berlin U-Bahn

    The U-Bahn is Berlin's underground rail network - a convenient and fast way to get around Berlin city centre.